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Fingon (which is the Sindarized form of his father name Findekáno) is an elf from Tolkien's Middle Earth Compendium. More information about him can be found here at Tolkiengateway, lotr.wikia, the Silmarillion Writers' Guild and AskMiddleEarth. Since Tolkien liked to rewrite things, a quick note: He is without wife and children, from the flatworld version, and Argon died in the battle of Lammoth.
Shipping: I will give every ship a shot, as long as the other character is no descendant of Indis. I do like Russingon, but will also happily play them as close friends.

That said, this is also the place to contact me if you'd like to play out a thing/ plot something /etc.

Lastly, the HMD section:
Any comments, thoughts, ideas, helpful pointers, criticism on how I play him, or whatever else regarding Fingon? Please leave it here!

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Fingon the Valiant / Findekáno Nolofinwion

Height tiniest high elf available like 6'.
idk his kin can walk on snow without leaving imprints
General Appearance; Appears ageless, which probably means 20-35-ish. // approx. 2,580 years. Handsome, lean, usually smiling or at least with a friendly expression on his features. His hair is plaited with gold and in braids.
Physical Mannerisms;
It is fairly obvious that Fingon (not Findekáno, aka only after the shift to Sindarin) favours his left hand. One might think that he's left-handed until seeing him perform the same task whit his right. He's actually ambidextrous.
Verbal Mannerisms;
Nothing special really.
Fingon tends to wear blue, his house colour, with smaller inlays or seams in yellow or gold (his own colour). His hairstyle tends to be elaborate, always plaited with gold and someone who follows it will notice that the styles are specific and the same situations will bring forward the same braidings.
He is tall, but not for his people, so he has the mannerism of someone who is used to meeting people above eye-level suddenly having to look down a lot.

Fingon's look is based on, among others, his depiction by
and for certain aspects
Luaen (for courtly occasions)

Picture source: here.


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