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Fingon (which is the Sindarized form of his father name Findekáno) is an elf from Tolkien's Middle Earth Compendium. More information about him can be found here at Tolkiengateway, lotr.wikia, the Silmarillion Writers' Guild and AskMiddleEarth. Since Tolkien liked to rewrite things, a quick note: He is without wife and children, from the flatworld version, and Argon died in the battle of Lammoth.
Shipping: I will give every ship a shot, as long as the other character is no descendant of Indis. I do like Russingon, but will also happily play them as close friends.

That said, this is also the place to contact me if you'd like to play out a thing/ plot something /etc.

Lastly, the HMD section:
Any comments, thoughts, ideas, helpful pointers, criticism on how I play him, or whatever else regarding Fingon? Please leave it here!

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